Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Recession On The Rocks: Drinks For A Bad Economy

A late night interview with Guy Raz for NPR, involving a lot of cider and some whisky (consumed - by me) and Chateau d'Yquem and Two Buck Chuck (discussed).

Notes From The Bottom of A Bottle: What to Drink When a Love Affair is Over

A rumination on ruined romance; contemporary, historical and literary -
and the tipples we have turned to as a result. Exclusive to More Intelligent Life


Wild Honey and Resveratrol

Latest DrinkOut and GrapeVine for UJ

(Published 9th December 09)

Riesling and Truffles

...not together but latest ShelfTalk, BoozeBluff and WineMate
(published 28th November 08)

Martini Masterclass at Dukes Hotel and Texture Review

October's DrinkOut and GrapeVine in two of WineChap's favourite haunts
(Published Urban Junkies 31st october 2008)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Latest from UJ

ShelfTalk tackles Malbec, Cuff it like Bond in BoozeBluff and a wine/Indian cuisine dinner at Benares features in WineMate.

Sherry Interview with Heston Blumenthal

A recent interview with Heston Blumenthal for More Intelligent Life reveals the ground-breaking chemistry underpinning his revolutionary pairing of sherries with dishes on a molecular level, with examples from a specially-created menu revealed last month. Also discussed are; the perfect wine for that trickiest of foods – artichokes; turtle-fishing; and turning water in to wine: